Discover the secrets of Prehispanic gastronomy, learn the techniques used back then, and make a four course meal with step by step recipes accompanied by a professional chef.  Share the wonderful aromas and exquisite flavors of a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else.


Prehispanic cuisine is considered as one of the most creative gastronomies, yet simple at the same time due to its ingrdients and techniques.  The recipes you will prepare are full of seasonal native products as well as a variety of traditional ingredients that characterize Mexican cuisine.

With the use of techniques preserved over the years and a rich variety of endemic products, you will learn how to make authentic Prehispanic recipes from the central and southeastern areas of Mexico.

The class is developed with ingredients from local producers from the agricultural area on the slopes of the Popocatepetl volcano.

In addition to the preparation of food you will also learn about pulque, an ancestral beverage consumed by Prehispanic people.  An explanation is given about the origin of pulque and you will also learn how to cure it to prepare a “curado”.

Throughout the class, you will develop a 4 course menu accompanied by the historical context and explanation of Prehispanic cuisine.

Your experience will take place in the chef’s kitchen located a few blocks from the pyramid and downtown San Pedro Cholula. After preparing and enjoying the meal together, we will all help to pick up and clean the work area.


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