$1,750.00 MXN

This private class offers those who truly enjoy Mexican gastronomy the opportunity to design the menu you wish to learn, selecting recipes from a list of authentic dishes that are distinguished by their ingredients, eras, traditions, family customs, techniques, and contemporary uses in Mexican cuisine.

Mexican gastronomy is appreciated worldwide thanks to its exquisite variety of flavors, ingredients, and culinary techniques that have traveled the world for years, achieving high recognition and generating a great interests in appreciating the unique flavors and seasonings that distinguish it.

The menu you will prepare in this class will consist of 4 courses and 2 beverages that you will choose from a list of recipes that include a selection of Prehispanic, colonial, and contemporary Mexican cuisine.  All the food shall be prepared with ingredients from local producers from the agricultural area on the slopes of the Popocatepetl volcano.  All the recipes can be adapted to a vegan version, making this the perfect class for anyone interested in learning how to prepare authentic Mexican food.  In addition to the recipes, you will also learn the historical context of each dish.  After enjoying the delicious meal, everyone will help to clean up the work area.

The class includes all the materials and ingredients necessary to prepare the recipes.

Duration: 4 hrs. depending on the group size.

Meeting spot: Once your booking is confirmed you will receive an email with details about the class, including the address where the class will take place and a map with the exact location.

For more information concerning availability, group discounts, and important recommendations please check the description box below.

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CLASS: The class takes place in the chef’s kitchen located in the city of Cholula, Puebla.

It is recommended not to wear jewelry on your hands since they must be removed during food manipulation to avoid contamination.

The safety of your person is your responsibility, so you are asked to be cautious when handling tools that put your integrity at risk. Always keep in mind the risks that a kitchen can have and be careful. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing, closed and comfortable shoes.

CLASS TIME: may vary depending on the number of participants.

GROUPS: If you are interested in taking the class as a couple or with a group of friends, you will get a discount that will be applied to the total cost of your reservation.

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